HGH and Insulin with coach Trevor

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HgH and insulin with coach Trevor

Getting to the bottom of this here info can be a game changer

first let's start out by saying insulin is a very serious hormone . Treat it with respect ! consult with a doctor and know what your doing be for using . To much insulin and you can cause serious health concerns insulin use can be fatal .

That being said 1000000 of people use insulin every single day and there just fine .

When people use human growth hormone (HgH) for human growth hormone replacement therapy (HGHRT)
They will be in such a small dose. Normally they do not need to concern them selves with the use of insulin as a counter balancing hormone .

How ever when doses exceed values of 4 iu a day you can start to consider using insulin as a part of your hormone optimization program .

Every one will have a different insulin responses at different levels of HgH use . I'm talking in generalities . The only sure way to know when your blood sugar raises is with a glucose Monitor .

Blood sugar levels raise slightly or more then slightly depending on your dose of HgH .these levels will go back to normal after the hormone has ran its corse . You are not on your road to becoming diabetic