Is HGH Dangerous or Is HGH Safe

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Is HGH Dangerous or Is HGH Safe?

HGH is very safe, but the media would have you believe otherwise. It has been categorized as a performance enhancing drug because pro athletes and bodybuilders have abused it. Now just that name should let you know that it works, but it also comes with a lot of negative conotations. HGH will enhance your performance and it does not come at a heavy cost. HGH actually repairs tissue such as bones, ligaments, tendons and organs. It works so well that it is banned in almost all sports and the olympics. HGH side effects are limited to 1 in 100 users getting carpal tunnel syndrome which is easily fixed by lowering the dose or stopping treatment for a few weeks.
HGH is safe and one of the most used performance enhancing drugs out there. It will help you to sleep better, lose fat, look younger and feel younger. Contact us for a free consultation today.